Indoor Range

Club 82 clement Controlled shooting range lanes sets a new standard for air purification with its state-of-the-art equipment, providing an unparalleled shooting experience for its members. The cutting-edge filtration system is designed to effectively remove airborne particles and eliminate any trace of lead or harmful chemicals from the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, the incorporation of a touch screen control panel allows shooters to easily adjust and monitor the air quality, ensuring a safe and clean environment at all times.
Additionally, Club 82 takes pride in its sound dampening technology, which significantly reduces noise levels during shooting sessions, preventing potential hearing damage for both staff and patrons. This professional-grade facility not only prioritizes the well-being and comfort of its customers but also showcases a commitment to excellence by utilizing innovative technologies that set it apart from other shooting ranges in the industry.


The range consist of 24 shooting lanes equipped with 5th Dimension patented scoring technology, the first reality shooting game with live fire on a projected screen. Each lane features a user-friendly touch screen monitor loaded with shooting executrices and games to give you the most memorable experience. Our S.M.A.R.T. technology can give even the most advanced shooter a chance to improve. The shot analyzer provides performance insights to give you the advantage needed to outperform the competition – set goals, track the progression, analyze, adapt, then let your inner sharpshooter shine at Gun Club 82, we firmly believe that a clean, well-maintained gun is a safer gun. Whether you’re a high-volume shooter or just an occasional visitor to the range, you’ll want to make sure that the maintenance and functionality of your firearms is front of mind. We are pleased to offer you a variety of services ranging from simple cleanings to elaborate machining work. Comfort and safety are our main concern, and we’ve taken all necessary precautions to make your time at Gun Club 82 unlike any other shooting experience!

If you are interested in becoming an area developer and part of the Club 82 family contact us at 480-210-8200 or email