Gun Club 82 Training Academy

Our academy offers On-line and On-site courses for your convenience.

We offer training for any level, from beginner to advanced, for individuals or groups.  Whether your goal is to learn how to shoot for the first time or improve your competition skills, our training academy will meet your needs.

1. AZ CCW Permit Class

2. AZ CCW “+” Class (CCW plus 4 hours of Defensive Handgun Intro)

3. Selecting Your 1st Handgun

4. Personal Safety & Protection/Refuse to be a Victim

5. Home Defense Level 1

6. Home Defense Level 2

7. AZ DPS Armed Guard Course

8. AZ DPS Unarmed Guard Course

9. AZ DPS Armed Renewal Course

10. Kids Firearm Safety (10-14)

11. Youth Firearm Safety (15-19)

12. Personal Safety for Professionals (Realtors, Home Health etc.)

13. Tactical Medicine/First Aid Level 1

14. Tactical Medicine/First Aid Level 2

15. GC82 HG101 Intro to Handgun (Safety, Fundamentals)

16. GC82 HG201 Applied Handgun Skills

17. GC82 HG301 Practical Defensive Carry Handgun

18. GC82 Practical Defensive Handgun SKILL BUILDER

19. GC82 HG 482 Defensive Fighting Handgun (CQB/1-Hand/Run Downs etc)

20. GC82 HG 4NS Practical Defensive Handgun Low Light/No Light Night Shoot

21. GC82 AR 101 Intro to Carbines (AR, AK, FN, Tavor, PDW…)

22. GC82 AR 201 Applied Carbine Skills

23. GC82 AR 301 Defensive Fighting Carbine (Transitions, HG301 PreReq)

24. GC82 Practical Carbine SKILL BUILDER

25. GC82 AR 401 Defensive Fighting Carbine NIGHT SHOOT (Flashlights/Low Light/No Light)

26. GC82 SG 101 Practical Shotgun (Intro +)

27. GC82 SG 201 Defensive Fighting Shotgun